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Bobsleigh track

The bobsleigh track in Harrachov is approximately 1000 m long, with 38 m elevation, with an average slope of 6% and a maximum slope of 12%. It has 17 turns and two attractive overground crosses.

For evening rides, the lift and track are illuminated. Stainless bed rails and lifts are the first in the Czech Republic to be heated all the way. For perfect heating, 5 km of heating wire was used, which is carried in several springs along the entire length of the track and the carriage lift. This solution has greatly improved the quality of operation in the rain or in winter during snowfall, when the track quickly dries or thaws.

HappyWorld has chosen a world-renowned cutting-edge technology that promises an unusual and highly attractive driving experience. This technology is patented by the German manufacturer and produces it in this form of stainless steel as the only company in the world. Harrachov Bobsleigh Track has become an equally sought-after destination for visits and trips of domestic and foreign publics, like her older nurse in Spindleruv Mlyn.

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Stay packages

  • Wellness package at Hotel Centrum in Harrachov
    Wellness package at Hotel Centrum in Harrachov

    from 2 200 CZK

  • Romance for lovers in Harrachov
    Romance for lovers in Harrachov

    from 2 400 CZK


  • Novosad Glassworks in Harrachov
    Novosad Glassworks in Harrachov

    The glass museum, the microbrewery with a restaurant and the hotel with a beer spa, all you can do during one visit to the Novosad Glassworks. The glassworks was founded in the early 18th century and ranks among the oldest in the Czech Republic. Its uniqueness is the historic glass cutter, powered by transmissions and a water turbine.

  • Competition for stay in Harrachov!
    Competition for stay in Harrachov!

    Participate in the competition and gain stay in the hotel Centrum Harrachov for free. 

  • Pančavský waterfall
    Pančavský waterfall

    The highest waterfall in the Czech Republic, with a height of 148 m, is rocky in several steps, from the edge of the Pančavská louka to the bottom of the Labský valley. It is located in the Giant Mountains National Park, about 1 km south of the Labská bouda.

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