Tips for trips

Tips for trips


Distance from the hotel: 200 metres (2 minutes by walk)

Sport resort Harrachov offers many activities during the summer and winter as well. In winter you can enjoy four slopes of different difficulty level, night skiing and many other activities.During summer sport resort offers a variety of hiking and biking trails, a children's amusement park, a climbing center and bobsleigh and much more.


Distance from the hotel: 200 metres (2 minutes by walk)

Do you want adrenaline all year round? Then do not hesitate and come to Harrachov for Bungee Jumping! Jump from TV tower referees beside the ski jumps!


Distance from the hotel: 1200 metrES (14 minutes by walk, 3 minutes by car)

More than three hundred years of glassmaking history with more than 5,000 exhibits and winning trophies and medals from Harrach´s skiers.


Distance from the hotel: 1400 metres (18 minutes by walk, 4 minutes by car)

Bee trail is about 3.5 km long and is suitable for families with children, bikers and all other tourists. Most of the trail is along asphalt roads. You can learn about the life of bees and beekeepers, children can do puzzle from animals or enjoy flowerbeds with plants and much more!ready puzzle with animals or flowerbeds with plants and much more!


Distance from the hotel: 1500 metres (23 minutes by walk, 6 minutes by car)

The most visited tourist destination ofwestern part of the Giant Mountains - Mumlava waterfall. The waterfalls can be reached very comfortably by walk or by bike along the asphalt road.


Distance from the hotel: 1700 metres (21 minutes by walk, 6 minutes by car)

1000 m long bobsleigh offers up to 17 curves, 38 m elevation and a maximum gradient of 12%. 273 m long Monkey Park is located on the last corner of bobsleigh and is purely natural and contains 14 obstacles.


Distance from the hotel: 4,5 kilometres (10 by car)

For sports lovers, the hotel offers the possibility of ordering the game on the golf course in Harrachov. The hotel offers discounted admission prices depending on workload course. For more information contact our hotel reception./p>


Distance from the hotel: 15 km (20 minutes by car)

Do you like history and reptiles? If so, feel free to visit Dinopark in Poland, which is only a few minutes drive away from the hotel and offers visitors a unique models of life-size dinosaurs. You can find here also a 5D cinema which you will definitely get you for it`s authenticity.

Stay packages

  • Wellness package at Hotel Centrum in Harrachov
    Wellness package at Hotel Centrum in Harrachov

    from 2 200 CZK

  • Romance for lovers in Harrachov
    Romance for lovers in Harrachov

    from 2 400 CZK


  • Celtic night in Harrachov
    Celtic night in Harrachov

    2. - 4. 8. 2018, the Celtic Night festival will take place in Harrachov on the Mamutí bridge. The festival attributed two exceptional prizes. This is the best view of the music show and at the same time it is at the highest altitude in the Czech Republic!

  • Novosad Glassworks in Harrachov
    Novosad Glassworks in Harrachov

    The glass museum, the microbrewery with a restaurant and the hotel with a beer spa, all you can do during one visit to the Novosad Glassworks. The glassworks was founded in the early 18th century and ranks among the oldest in the Czech Republic. Its uniqueness is the historic glass cutter, powered by transmissions and a water turbine.

Hotel Centrum Harrachov v Harrachově hodnocení
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